Can we automate this job?

Customer said: “We retreive the currency rates of the Central Bank daily, and record the values to local Postgres and Oracle databases for our internal applications. We planned to develop a simple program for that, but had no time to do. Is it possible to automate the process to avoid the effort and potential problems of manual operations?”

Problem: If it is possible to automate it, manuel operation is inefficient, error-prone, and annoying. The scenario in this case was one of the very common scenarios of automating a process spreading on multiple resources.

What Apinizer Team did: We created a job as a Task Flow in a few minutes, and showed how to automate such a process. First task was retreiving the currency rates from the HTTP address as an XML document, second and third tasks were mapping the values to INSERT statements for specified databases. Additionally, we configured an action to send an e-mail if the flow fails. Finally, we scheduled the job to be called at a certain time everyday.

Result: The customer was impressed to see that it is just a few minutes to configure the job and put it in action. They immediately licensed API Integrator, and created new task flows for their similar jobs. Though some of these jobs have already been automated with some custom solutions, they did used API Integrator to become able to associate some actions to the jobs to be informed about the result, and keep the logs.