Convert Legacy SOAP Services to REST APIs

Customer said: “The company that we signed a contract to develop a mobile application for our agency wants us to open them the necessary functionality as REST services. Almost all required functionality already exist in our legacy SOAP services. Will we have to rewrite all of them?”

Problem: The agency contracted a company to develop a mobile application to make some services available to the citizens. Though most of the functionality required by the mobile application existed in legacy Web Services, contractor company needed REST endpoints. It was not likely to re-develop existing services as REST due to time and staff constraints.

What Apinizer Team did: We immediately opened up some of the SOAP Web Services as REST with the help of Protocol Transformation capabilities of API Gateway.

We showed how to create Mock APIs for mobile application developers’ use until the actual endpoints are ready.

Then we created three REST endpoints by DB-2-API in a few minutes.

Finally, we configured a JWT authentication mechanism for all these APIs’ authentication, and added an IP restriction so that only client app’s server can access to these APIs.

Result: Both developers and administrators were surprised and impressed to see that we completed all these stuff in half a day. It did not take too long for the agency to license Apinizer products. The mobile application is in use now, and the number of clients is increasing. System is continuosly under control with the help of the API Monitor and API Analytics capabilities. The Agency recently contacted us for a new license to scale the system.