We don’t need an API Gateway! or do we?

Customer said: “I am not sure, but we must have 3 or 5 Web Services, at all. Software developers code for security and all other stuff. We don’t have a problem and don’t need any tool to manage Web Services.”

Problem: The institution created a new Web Service for every integration request, and the developers put a username/password pair within the code for simple authentication. No one knew how many Web Services the institution hosted, they were secure or not, who have been using them since when, for what kind of operations. Briefly, there was a huge problem of unknown.  

What Apinizer Team did: We offered to install Apinizer API Gateway for PoC, and started to move the Web Services on to the API Gateway together with the developers since only they could help us to find the Web Services. Soon, we recognized that the number of Web Services was too far beyond they thought! We moved 42 services in the first stage. Number would be much higher, but we saw that there were many Web Services doing the same thing (some of them were clones of others to handle authentication or reponse customization according to clients, and some of them have been developed since there was no catalogue to check if there already was a Web Service to do the job. We showed how to handle security (not just authentication), response customization and many other stuff quickly and easily on API Gateway, and removed the unnecessary clones.

Result: After a few days, they stated that they realized the importance of a management tool when they saw the number of the Web Services and request/response traffic on the dashboard. Soon, they licensed Apinizer API Gateway, and some other Apinizer products.