We have little time, and less staff for much work

Customer said: “For an urgent integration project, my unit has to develop about 100 Web Services in one month, but I have only two personnel which none of them has developed a Web Service before!”

Problem: It was a very common problem: “much work, little time, less resource”. Additionally, developers had no clue of Web Service development, handling security, failover, logging, or other stuff. In other words, it was a “much work, little time, no resource” problem.

What Apinizer Team did: We introduced Apinizer products to the project manager, and created a REST endpoint with DB-2-API in 1 minute. Then, we configured authentication, IP restriction, and SQL Injection filters in an additional 3 minutes. At the end of 5 minutes, one of the Web Services they had to develop was ready. Finally, we configured a monitor, in about 2 minutes, that will send an e-mail to the developers if the Web Service fails.

Result: The agency immediately licensed Apinizer API Gateway, DB-2-API, and API Monitor. In 12 days, they put 87 Web Services in production with only one personnel who knows the database and SQL, but almost nothing about Web Services. The integration project is active now, and the management discusses new integration scenarios while telling their success story to other agencies’ managers!