Who is responsible for the stopped integrations?

Customer said: “We have some Web Services which consumes other stakeholder’s APIs/Web Services before responding to other parties. Sometimes, some of our Web Services stop running for some unknown reasons, and we have no clue about the situation until we start receiving phone calls or e-mails from our clients. This situation started to be a crisis in our administration level, and it became crucial to be aware of any error instantly. Additionally, we want to able to see the resource of the problem. We can fix the error if the problem is with our Web Service, or inform the stakeholders about the error to have it fixed.”

Problem: It was obviously lackness of monitoring. Properly configured monitors could detect the problems and inform the related people instantly. Monitor logs would also help to show the source of the problem to others.

What Apinizer Team did: The team immediately created a few monitors, and started checking the integration points. We also configured actions to send e-mails to developers if any error occurs on any of the integration points. Soon, the first e-mail showed that an endpoint of a stakeholder’s API causes all the integration flow stop. The time of the error and the content of request was sent to the stakeholder, and they fixed the error of the endpoint.

Result: Our customer creates at least one monitor (in some cases the number may increase) for each Web Service as a step of their development process now.